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Future Fluff: Hypershard Functions II

firsistik copyLast post in this series, I gave an overview of what hypershards are capable of, at least from the examples of some of the Gods of Terra setting’s iconic characters, the Fractus, the Mirus, and the Magna.

But I also mentioned that their ‘supernormal powers’ were secondary to their original function as communications devices by some ancient, inscrutable design. I’ll get to that in this post, but…

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Every judgment teeters on the brink of error,” Leto explained. “To claim absolute knowledge is to become monstrous. Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.
Frank Herbert, Children of Dune (via quotes-shape-us)
Fractals of the Week: City of Glass 2, the Mirror Realm

Fractals of the Week: 2014/04/10

G’day, and Mighty Thor’s day, as I bring you the next set of images from City of Glass 2. I’ve been looking at ways to help myself keep track of my projects online and off, as many with my sort of disorder have difficulty focusing on tasks, and as you well know, I’m no exception.

I’ve found that it’s not so much related to memory as it is with attention and ability to focus, so I’m working to…

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